A Day in The Life Of Elisa
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2004-04-03 06:26:04 (UTC)

Freaky Friday

Okay, like today was a pretty good day, however it
definately got a little freaky at school. I was listening
to Kristen's CD player and I was dancing in my seat to
make Alea laugh when Lam came over...dom di dom dom, dom
di dom dom dommmmmm. He told me that he didn't know that I
was that "dirty" and started talking about the song I was
listening to. Now that song was Mystical's Shake Your Ass.
What's the big deal? So I like shaking my ass...who
doesn't? He's such a weirdo, and I'm not a person who
judges, but whoa! I told my life story at group today. I
was hella nervous, but I did it anyway. It was really
funny because I kept getting interupted by people walking
by. See we were having group on the soccer field, so
people didn't know that we were having group and kept
walking by really close and stuff. Then Phillip decided to
put lotion on his legs. I bursted out laughing and Denee
then asked me what was so funny. I told her that he had a
lot of leg hair. Then Phillip said that it was normal for
guys to have a lot of leg hair, and that's when I
responded with...yeah but it's weird seeing the lotion
going into the leg hair. That's when everyone started
cracking up. Then I started talking again and his cell
phone went off and he answered it and started talking. No
big deal...I didn't have anything important to say anyway.
All through out my story Charly kept bursting out with
questions and when I was finally done and she could ask
them, she forgot them. Oh yeah I forgot to mention that
the seniors trashed the juniors' cars....oh yeah seniors
rule!!! Later I went out to eat with my dad. It was weird
because it was the first time that I had seen my dad since
he kicked me out. Through dinner he kept talking about all
the bad things that I have done and I realized what a
negative person he is and what a positive person I am.
Maybe that's why we don't get along. Anyway after dinner
we went back to the house and I grabbed some of my
clothes. Denise was there, and for once she was actually
pretty nice. It was weird, but she actually felt like a
sister...shiver. When I was at the house I realized how
happy I am not living there. It may be a lot harder, but
I'm not going to be depressed just to have a roof over my
head. I'm 18 and I can take care of myself. It may take a
lot of work, but I can do it. Linda is still going to make
my prom dress, so that's good because I don't have the
money to buy one. It's going to be pink and purple...I
think it's going to be great. Anywayz I'm hella tired so
I'm going to go to bed now. Altogether I would say that
today was a pretty good day. Ta Ta for now.

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