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2004-04-03 04:25:26 (UTC)

numb tinglies in my fingers

i never seem ta be sure what im writing about lately. not
a lot going through my head atm... just feeling pretty
shitty. i wonder why it always emds up being okay when he
doest things like stay out until 5am after leaving at 11pm
saying he'll be right back... he's been gone for more
than a day before, and never left the apartment
complex... how is that suppose to make me feel... he may
as well have slapped me in the face. at least that would
have made me feel a little better, if that makes any
sense. i wonder if you really mean it when u say how
sorry you are, and go on about how u want to change... or
is it an easy out when we're fighting and you know i'm
pissed off. i honestly dont feel like you want anything
to do with this relationship.....