What I really THINK
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2004-04-03 03:28:53 (UTC)

rainyt friday night

tonight and all day it has not stoped raining. I was on a
to go shift and i got out of work early. I feel like
eatting because i'm a little high. I'm forcing myself not
to eat. But i have a bowl of fruit loops sitting next to
me (filled only half way). I have absolutely nothing to
do. G hasn't called me in the past few days. I'm mad at
her, and shes probably mad at me. I dunno if i should call
her or what. I don't know.
I want to stop smoking weed. I decided this a few weeks
ago but I am now addicted. I think it gets in the way of
things. I don't smoke before work or school, just at
night. But weed makes me hungry and I eat and then aI end
up throwing up and feeling like shit.
I just have to keep myself occupied. I'm kind of glad I
don't have work in the mornng tomorrow. I want to go
running or something. Maybe I'll wake up early.
I do kind of have to concentrate in school all next week. I
know I have a lot of work to do.
I'm getting off, i'm tired.
good night