in silent existance
2004-04-03 01:16:13 (UTC)

wow is this my life?

well 2day was interesting i'll say that much. well first i
spent time with my new friend who i'm very fond of. we have
alot of fun 2gether. then i met sean lee and gared on the
wasy 2 the basketball game. we all sat 2gether inside. i
sat between 2 of my friends so i could talk 2 them and one
asked me out. i was taken by suprise and well it took a
second 2 make sure i was in the right state of mind to
answer such a question. i told him he simply did not like
me in that way and he said he did. then he got all quiet
and i was just kinda sad. my other guy friend asked what
had happened and i told him. he said i shouldn't feel bad
its not my fault he just asks sad for attention. well i was
glad to have my best friend's input on that. he means the
world to me even if he well, isn't really there when i want
him to be. but i kno i i ever really needed him 2 be he
would. i kno here cares, because no matterhow crazy i amhe
still looks out for me and makes sure i don't do anything
dangerous, and if i say i'd like to . . . . lets just say
its not a short lecture lol. *sigh* i'm glad i have
him . . .even if its not the way i want him. he's still my
best friend and that what counts, buti guess i still want
him tospend more time with me like we used to do. but hey
life's a pain right. o i am happy with myself i didn't call
him for over a week but then i caved. i couldn't help it i
missed him. i guess i just hope he missed me 2. lol i doubt
it but i hey i can dream right. well i have more pressing
matters to attend to lol. well i am off ttfn lol i love

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