Best Left Unspoken
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2004-04-02 21:25:25 (UTC)

Scary Story Part 10

As Sara left it struck reality even deeper into the seven
people left in the room. Brittaney, Seth, Tiffany, and
Jennifer was still alive in the story and still had hope
for herself, but most of the others, like Sara, already
had their destiny spelled out to them. The thing that hurt
the most was that Sara even told the part of the story
where she dies. She set herself up.
Sara walked down the dank hallway not knowing what to
expect. There were spider webs everywhere, but she hadn't
seen any spiders other than the one that had scared
Jennifer. She was thinking about what she should do to
keep herself together as she walked through the hall.
Just as Sara got to the kitchen she came up with an idea.
She was in a kitchen that someone used to leave silver
ware in. Silver ware would include a knife. She ran into
the kitchen and started looking in cabinets and drawers.
She found cup, plates, and bowls that were almost buried
in dust and spider webs. There last drawer that Sara
looked in contained a large pointy knife. She grabbed it
and carefully searched her surrondings.
Suddenly Sara heard music coming from a smaller room down
the hall. She didn't know what to do. According to the
story Beth was next, then Sara, but there was no music.
This was all just messed up.
Sara thought that maybe if everyone would find each other
than they could finish the story, and then maybe leave.
She thought to herself this is a stupid game someone is
playing and it just isn't funny.
The music played louder until Sara couldn't bare but go
find out what it was. She started walking slowly down the
hall with the old rusty knife. When she got to room it was
empty except for a door on the other end of the room that
she figured was a closet.
Sara crept across the room and to the door. She slowly
turned the handle, and pulled the door back. She readied
the knife as she swung it open all the way. The person
inside the closet screamed.
Sara jumped back. It was Ethan. "Oh Ethan you scared me,"
Sara said to him.
"It was you!" Ethan accused. Sara just gave him a blank
stare. "You killed Mitchell and Jonathan. See look you
still have the weapon that you used. You can't hide this
from everyone."
"Ethan, I just found this in the kitchen, I swear. I was
just using it for my protection," Sara said to him.
"Ok," He walked out of the closet.
"Where's that music coming from?" Sara asked him.
"Oh it's from my little hand held radio. It calms me down
when I'm about to freak out," Ethan answered her.
They then both heard a little scream that sounded like
"The first bedroom!" Ethan and Sara said at about the same
time. They heard a dripping noise and then it got quiet.
They both took off towards the first. Neither of them knew
why they went. They both knew what the scene was going to
be like.
Unlike the story Jonathan's body was still lying on the
floor, but there was blood leaking out from under the
closet door. Ethan stopped. He knew exactly what he was
going to see. He knew it before he came in the room. He
only knew it because everything had already been described
by Steven. Sara walked toward the closet slowly. She
opened the door and Beth looked exactly as Steven had told
everyone. It was almost as if Steven had been here then
told everyone else instead of telling it to them then it
Even though Sara had known what was coming tears rushed to
her eyes. She turned back toward Ethan and then all of
tears off of her cheeks as they started to roll down them.
"Ethan," Sara said slowly, "I'm next." she said that in a
whisper that was barely heard.
He didn't know what to do. Yes, Sara was next, but he
couldn't do anything about it. He was next after her.
Sara walked to the door and went past him. Ethan followed
her to make sure nothing happened to her, even though they
both knew that something would happen to her. Something
would happen to both of them. They both even knew where
and when.
They both ended up back in the room Ethan had hidden in.
"When did you leave the living room?" Sara asked Ethan.
"I was second to last to leave," Ethan looked up at Sara
with curiosity. "Beth was the last one in the living room."
"That means everyone is already spread out in the house,"
Sara thought for a second. "I think the window in the
bedroom was open."
"Are you thinking what I think you are thinking?" Ethan
had a pretty good idea of what was going on in Sara's mind.
"You need to leave the house and run for the town. When
you get there get the police here ASAP," Sara told him.
"But what if the killer gets you while I'm gone? If you go
they won't kill anyone because then it would be out of the
order from the story," Ethan was trying to do anything to
change her mind.
"If I leave the killer might just skip me and you can run
faster. We don't know their motive. We don't know what
he's up to. So just go. I'll try to help the people here,"
Sara motioned for him to leave.
When Ethan agreed they both went back to the bedroom and
the window really was open. As Sara was helping Ethan our
the window he gave her a hug for good luck.
"Bye," They both whispered to each other.
Ethan ran as fast as he could down the road into the

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