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2004-04-02 21:21:53 (UTC)

have i mentioned how much i love this girl.

idontavertmyeyes [4:07 PM]: HEY
LaDiDaGrl [4:07 PM]: hey
idontavertmyeyes [4:08 PM]: did you get my text message?
LaDiDaGrl [4:08 PM]: so on a scale of 1-10
LaDiDaGrl [4:08 PM]: yes
idontavertmyeyes [4:08 PM]: i stole it for you. so you
can like. fill out the guest experience part, if you want.
idontavertmyeyes [4:08 PM]: =)
LaDiDaGrl [4:08 PM]: LOL!
idontavertmyeyes [4:09 PM]: =). i thought that would make
you happy. you seem like youre having a bad day.
idontavertmyeyes [4:09 PM]: -7
LaDiDaGrl [4:09 PM]: lol is that negative 7
idontavertmyeyes [4:09 PM]: yes.
LaDiDaGrl [4:09 PM]: seriously.
idontavertmyeyes [4:09 PM]: her ass like.
idontavertmyeyes [4:09 PM]: i could fit a fucking poodle
on it.
LaDiDaGrl [4:09 PM]: seriously is she ugly?
idontavertmyeyes [4:09 PM]: um YES
LaDiDaGrl [4:09 PM]: is she fat
idontavertmyeyes [4:09 PM]: and she seems so fucking fake.
idontavertmyeyes [4:10 PM]: YES.
idontavertmyeyes [4:10 PM]: lol
LaDiDaGrl [4:10 PM]: LOL good.
LaDiDaGrl [4:10 PM]: thats what i thoguht but i have
problems with seeing people differently cus i hate them
idontavertmyeyes [4:10 PM]: mommy and i were talking shit
about her the whole time
idontavertmyeyes [4:10 PM]: cuz we were like, facing her
LaDiDaGrl [4:10 PM]: LOL like what
idontavertmyeyes [4:10 PM]: it was funny. i explained the
whole thing.
LaDiDaGrl [4:10 PM]: aww
idontavertmyeyes [4:11 PM]: just funny shit. i was like.
god. shes SO gross. and mommy was like, i KNOW. and she got
all confused, she was like, so WHY does caroline pay for
her rent??/
idontavertmyeyes [4:11 PM]: and i was like I DONT KNOW.
LaDiDaGrl [4:11 PM]: hahaha.
idontavertmyeyes [4:11 PM]: and i was like, wait wait
wait this is my FAVOrite part, and she would turn the
corner and walk by with her ass a swinging.
LaDiDaGrl [4:11 PM]: what does she look like
LaDiDaGrl [4:11 PM]: LOL!!!!
idontavertmyeyes [4:11 PM]: she looks gross.
idontavertmyeyes [4:11 PM]: like...
idontavertmyeyes [4:12 PM]: a really bad drug addict 1st
grade teacher who steals her kids candy and stuffs her face
with it
LaDiDaGrl [4:12 PM]: LOL i love you.
idontavertmyeyes [4:12 PM]: i love you too =)
LaDiDaGrl [4:12 PM]: yeah i am having a bad day but that
made me smile.
idontavertmyeyes [4:13 PM]: so yes. i will keep this
thing for you. ill put it with your rings that i still
idontavertmyeyes [4:13 PM]: yeah. hows your stuff? it
hurt still?
LaDiDaGrl [4:13 PM]: yeah
LaDiDaGrl [4:13 PM]: literally, i'm using extra super
strength tampons right? and i'm not exaggerating, they
aren't lasting 8 minutes.
LaDiDaGrl [4:13 PM]: before its like pouring down my
idontavertmyeyes [4:14 PM]: damn

i LOVE her. i tried to work today but like i said, the
blood was hard to keep up with, that and the pain, so i
left... i threw up SO gross this morning, it was like,
super thick and acidy and i was choking on it and ugh gross
gross gross... so i came home and did some things i needed
to get done, still have a lot to do tonight... matt brought
me chickfila ice cream with strawberries since i havent
eaten much and nothing sounds good, so i actually sat in
bed and ate ice cream while HE did some things i needed to
get done, hung up my laundry, carried stuf to the garage,
cleaned up my big mess from the botticelli thing...... then
he was rubbing my back and i was like 'okay bye!'... i
figured out the classes im guna take in summer, i dont
think i can finish my degree in summer though, they dont
offer much of what i need... but anyway. im in a little
pain but a better mood right now. this will all be over
soon. i think talking last night helped me a little bit.
i think i understand a lot more than i act like i do. as
long as she doesnt love her or fuck her, i should be happy,
right. and in 24 hours, i'll be with my babies!!!!!

" a really bad drug addict 1st grade teacher who steals her
kids candy and stuffs her face with it "


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