My same boring ol' stuff...
2004-04-02 21:07:47 (UTC)

And the point of life would be?

Well this vacation is kinda dumb! I mean why can't I seem
to have fun? All I do is sit here and dwell on the things I
have done in the past... but oh well! Last night i did have
some fun tho! It was April fools so then me and jacqui and
jess and bianca wanted to play april fools on everyone! The
one we were going to do to shawn was so awesome but jacqui
started laughing so she ruined it. It would have been
awesome tho! And then we did a friggen awesome one to
Jon... it scared the Shit out of him! But then we found
some shit out about Jon so me and Bianca were pissed the
whole entire night! But then Cory and danny and erik were
there so then things were funny so it made it all kinda go
away! So hmm... Im listening to such depressing music right
now! Im a very depressed person now a days... but oh well..
i move over summer so it will be all good! I hate this
town... I hate it! I hate most people up here especially
the ones who use me and play me (no names tho... JON) and i
hate that I cant have my best friend the way I want him
like i had him before... I also hate that I feel I have no
one! I hate life in general... but oh well! Well Imma go...
hopefully tomarrow is a bit happoer, maybe i will write
about daisies and rainbows and ponies... lol!