How would you ever guess.
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2004-04-02 16:45:31 (UTC)

eye sex.

So last night was Mikes birthday party at the Cornerstone.
So we all went down as our little family that we are, sat
and chilled for a little bit. Well we were the first ones
to get there and while we were walking through the bar to
get to the front...i made eye contact with the young man
that happened to be sitting at the bar. Well the first
time i walked by i smiled, because thats what i do when
someone is starring at me...either that or i yell at them
but i didnt think this was one of those times. So Erika
and i walked next door to look at some shiat, then we came
back...and decided to leave again becuase there is a new
bar that opened right down the street and she needed to
see what she was up against. So we walked by again and i
looked his way and he like totally nods, and then says
hi... i was like whoa.. damn I have a friend. So we get
outside and im like Erika....that guy was totally having
eye sex with Shes like Damn Manda...not around the
kids. lol. He was a very good looking guy. And I think he
stared at me all night. But then he left. And it was sad.

Then I was up stairs in the lava lounge (funny story
about this. My nephew Evan says to me the first day I was
there... "Hey Aunty Manda, want to go to the Lava
but I thought he said the love lounge...and so i said to
him..."Well Evan thats the thing.. Im your aunt...I dont
think it would be good if we went to the LOVE lounge
together" Hes like "NO! your gross I said the lava
lounge." lol oops) So yeah him and i were playing a game
there and when i came down my sister is telling the story
about how Ethan (the youngest, and also Autistic) liked to
grab my yes the first couple days i was here he
wouldnt stop grabbing my boobs...So Erika finally says to
him "Ethan we give Aunty kisses...we dont grab her boobs."
So theres this kid there...whos my age Hes actually
Chris's cousin...and i walk up to the table and they are
all like oh good topic of
So hes like Oh im Nick by the Yeah yeah yeah get
away you are not going to grab my tits. lol jk

So he talked to me most of the night and told me that he
would take me to party with yeah im ok thanks

Yeah so i just randomly puked...yeah that was fun. I dont
know why i puked...and i dont really enjoy it. My sister
keeps telling me Im pregnant....I fucking hope not. I mean
im on the pill... Oh lets all pray that im not....PLEASE!
Im suppose to get my period next pray!