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2004-04-02 14:25:10 (UTC)


I havent had time to write in a while cause' its been a
little crazy around here. I have a paper due next week and
if I dont turn my life off and get it done i'll be
screwed. I think im almost done.. I just have to state
what I learned by doing it. I dont know what the hell I
learned... sheesh. Its hard to work on stuff like that too
when your crazy neighbor is drunk, leaning over your fence
looking through your windows all day. Im looking out the
window right now at him.. damn, guess I need to go put on
some clothes and get out of these pj's.
So I got off the Atkin's diet and started a new one. I
liked the atkin's diet but its so easy to plateu and well,
I couldnt think at all most of the time. This new diet has
actually been working better for me.. ive lost 4 lbs this
week and I get to eat bread and stuff. Im happy bout' that!
Well, I guess I better stop procrastinating and go work on
that stupid paper.