pensive problematic

a thought in the mind of her
2004-04-02 10:51:18 (UTC)

you don't get it, but i needed to get away

i know its gunna be hard
to have a vision of the future trampled
by an unexpected decision.
you say you love me, and i have no doubt of that.
but my well being is more important than the love you claim

i know it will be hard
we're so used to the routine...
but i had to get away
from the borderline person you hid from everyone but me

i wish you could understand
if you could only see what i saw in you
and experience what drove me away

there is nothing to save
nothing to make better
you can try to glue and mend all you want
but it will never be complete and stable
the way it was in the beginning

i know i've helped you along the way
and you were there when i needed you the most
but the good deeds in this picture
don't overpower the damage you've done
over and over again...

its all done now
i will never have that passion with you again

you still haunt me you do
our sporatic conversations
lead to the problems i wanted to get away from
i wonder now if you should be gone completly
for you still occasionaly bring me pain

i had to convice myself that i don't deserve you
i don't deserve the life and agony i recieved
and you don't deserve me

so say what you will
but nothing can make it better
and do what you will
but i swear i will never go back to your world again...