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2004-04-02 03:56:46 (UTC)


It's about 4 daise away til spring break is ova.. DANG!
Sux.. I jus tried out dis new diary ting and it's pritty
ku.. I guess. Don't really knoe how it works.. Man.. I miss
having a boifren (i guess).. Sometymez it's good to be
singo but sometymez (most of da time) it gets boring.. I
mean no moah no one to b wit n stuff.. Hmm.. I guess i'll
find dat spesho someone soon..

I guess mai SOCIAL lyph has been goin good.. I haven't got
into any kyne dramaz lately!! YAY!! Tings are really
changing for meeh now! I mean before, it's lyke every wea i
went or everyting i sed would start friggen dramaz.. Man!
It's good..

Well not really.. I guess da reason for dat is becuz i no
really cruise wit mai real frenz n e moah. I been kinda
lonerz.. I mean i don't really care fo frenz n e moah cuz
it keeps meeh outta troublez.. And i guess in a way it's a
good ting.. But den in a way it's a bad ting.. Cuz who will
i run to wen da goings gets ruff?! Wut will happen wen i
get caught in da undertoe and da current is too strong?!
Who will rescue meeh?! So das why..

Ryt now i guess da 2 main tings dat i want in mai lyph is
jus a boifren and mai real frenz back.. (Puna n Chiko)..
Mai tru frenz fa sho.. I miss mai sistahz.. Before we was
soo close.. Now we no even talk.. Miss u guys..
^^GenuinePlayettes^^ 4 lyph!! Ya Knoe.. K DENS.. A hui hou..