my diary that i write in when im bored,
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2004-04-02 01:06:26 (UTC)

*sigh* hormones.

so.. i am aggravated w/ my self... um i gues you'd say its
a crush but i wouldn't go that far. ive got a thing for
someone i dont know. i mean i know him but not.. know. he's
an aquaintance. but its aggravating me. bcuz i keep
wondering if. and it will NEVER be that it can't ever be
anything and its disturbing. i woudln't call it fantasing.
bcuz that soudns grotesque, and perverted. but thats kinda
the way it is im not fantasizing im just kinda dreaming and
its weird. ne way. i wanna no i NEED to get in shape. so
yea.. off that subject of him. gag. help. oh dear. im