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2004-04-02 00:43:51 (UTC)

The dance

Hey, i know i dont write very often, having real problems
getting to a computer lately. The dance is tonight, we are
leaving as soon as allora is done her hair i cant wait its
gunna be SO FUN. Ian cant go, Mr. Sargent wont let him and
he said that if he caught Ian in the school he wouldnt
have a chance to go to bedfprd next year. Thats okay
though, my date will be Allora. I think most poeple are
gunna think i look sluty but thats okay i think i look
cute. im wearing a little flowered skirt and a matching
flowered tube top with a whole in the middle kinda thing,
Alloras mom got it when they went on their cruiz last
summer. Me and Ian are doing pretty good i think but im
not sure. Aaron broke up with Richelle but asked her to
wait for him to be ready to date her again he just needed
time cause he thought things felt weird and he said maybe
he just needs to miss her. Anyways gotta go to the
dance... YAY.
As Always, Fade Away:
Meagan. R.