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2004-04-01 23:37:25 (UTC)

3-21 Letter to Matt

you 1:30 PM
here 10:30 PM

Hey! Today was kinda icky. This morning I woke up way
earlier than everyone else, with sickness. Yeah, lots of
fun *rolls eyes* I loved it. It wasn't too bad, but after
breakfast we went to church and I thought I was going to
pass out. THen all day I felt icky, so I slept for a few
ours *what!?* hours. We were looking at a photo album
today, and there was a picture of Joseph. There was Steve,
and Chauncy, and I saw you! Yo're such a cutie! I missed
you a lot today. It was really leisurly and since I was
sick I just layed here thinking about you. Hahaha there is
a picture of Amanda Urban & I half asleep. Well, the thing
is I'm not really sleepy.I mean I'm tired of course, but
mainly I was space out and thinking of you. The thing
is . . . I'm not miserable I just miss you adn wish you
were here or that the seek would go by faster. Well I'm
going to bed. I love you so very much. See you later. . .
in my dreams. I (heart) & miss you.