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2004-04-01 23:27:24 (UTC)

3-?? Journal

O.K. so this is my first journal that's not a letter to
Matt. So Chantel is nothing but a whiner! All she's been
doing is complaining and arguing. I mean, so what if not
EVERY person in the ggroup is "child friendly" and sorry if
you don't wantto speak w/ the group about the over leading.
I mean we are a GROUP. She wanted to stay in the room, but
I think we are too crowded! And she says she wanted to do 2
things @ once. Well we needed to get that letter done! And
now it's crap! Sheiza! OUR diary sucked! I tried so hard. I
really wanted it to sound intelligent and descriptive. But
NO! Everyone has to be stupid. Ugh! I'm going to bed. I mis
Matt! Ich Liebe Dich, Matt!

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