My Life
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2004-04-01 23:23:02 (UTC)


I am a mutt my heriatge consists of
Irish,Scottish,welsh,english,french,and Czech. i am mostly
irish which shows in my stubborness. I like to be in touch
with my heritage, i am so in touch with me scottish(even
though thats what i have the least of) that i had my friend
burn me a CD of bagpipes, i love it, but alot of my friends
find it disturbing and i tell them "well, at least i can be
proud of me heritage" I love the celtic ways if i could i
would rather live in Middle age scotland or even ireland i
would be happier there than i am here, except for the fact
that amanda is here and not there! so yeah thats it.
-T.J. Fredette

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