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2004-04-01 23:21:09 (UTC)

3-20 Letter to Matt

10:00 PM
1:00 PM

Well I wished you a happy birthday this morning at 6:45
AM one time. That's 9:45 PM 3-19 your time. So now it's 1
in the afternoon your time, so Happy Birthday your time!
(lips) kisses! Big 1-9. I lvoe you.
Today was amazing. I catuallly got into my day. But you
know what really got me? We received our letters today. Oh
man, I can't believe you guys! I mean I was O.K w/ Erinn's
letter, then Holly's was a little worse, but it made me
laugh. Then I decided not to read yours. . . so I read my
card. Well it was from my fam. which included my dad and
BOTH BROTHERS. So what my brothers made me cry SO hard! So
Chantel was like O.K. read Matt's because you've had your
emotional moment. Well that didn't work! Oh Baby, that was
so sweet. I love you so much. . . I jsut wish I had some
way. . any way to speak with you or communicate. We were
discussing that earlier, about how the hardest part of all
ofhtis was not being able to at all get in toch with home.
I miss you so much and I think about you whnever we have
down time.
Heh, here's a b-day present. . . I have been thinking
about what I picture for your b-day dinner. I know how you
get jealous of my describing abiblities, but I don't care,
here I go.
First of all, I open teh dorr and you see me in the
doorway. Behind me the apt. is almost spotless. Candles on
the table, dinner almost 5 min. from done.
Oh, but what am I wearing? A nice slinky little black
number, consisting of a tight black slip/bra dress that
goes half thigh. THen on top of that, the little lace
number I bought for you the weekend I came to Eau Claire
but didn't get to wear. I have my high heals on, and my new
fave necklace on. My hair up-doed. You come in nd I take
off your coat from the front. THe closeness cause me to
want you so bad that I kiss you, so hard and so
passionately that your head spins. Heh. . . let your
imagination keep going. . . or we can plan a day to reinact
it. . . all. ;-)
Thank you so much for your letter, it meant so much to
me, all of it. I love you so much. I miss you, but I'm tired
Love you again,