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2004-04-01 23:03:27 (UTC)

3-19 Letter to Matt

10:40 PM
(1:40 PM your time)

Hey. Oh man, what an action packed day. Heh, the bus
ride to Kihesa. . . well a good part of that was talking
about you. I actually lost a dollar because of you! Hehehe.
Mark and I made a bet. Who could go the longest w/o
bringing you up. Yeah. . . uh. . .I lost. . . yep. . .I was
sitting next to Mark for most of the bus ride. I asked him
for stories about you. . . I really didn't het any. He said
he took you skiing once and you did well. He explained why
your sister is Bobo. And he said he had a crush on your mom
back in the day, which I knew.
So today. . .like I said Action packed. The plane came
in to. . . well Kilimnajaro at 10:30 . . . and then Dar es
Salaam at 11:20. We stared at a Roman Catholic Youth
Hostil. We only ended up getting 4 hrs of sleep. Apparantly
I clonked out 2 minutes after I lied down. And I guess I
mumbled. . . which was more clear than usual and my
roommate made out "Matt" in there. . . heh. . . hehehe.
Well today we took an 8 hour bus ride to Kihesa. Kihesa
is the church, but a small town is built around it &
influenced by it. So (country) Tanzania - (city) Iringa -
("church town") Kihesa. They're really great here. . .but I
have to get some sleep I'm really sorry but I have major
jet leg. I love you so much, and can't descrive how
painfully I miss you. Happy B-day tomorrow & have fun in

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