How would you ever guess.
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2004-04-01 22:32:34 (UTC)

Dink dinka dink dinka dink dinka dink.....

Now Im a bit picky when it comes to sleep... sooo when im
not in my own bed, and in a strange house i obviously dont
sleep very well. Last night I woke up to the light blaring
in Ethans bedroom. My room is a part of his but
seperate...with no door. So I wake up and the light is on
and the door is i figure he must have gone to
the bath room...which is what he did. But when he came
back, he decided that he wanted to listen to music..
Grrreat!! just what i want to hear at 130am.

Then at 6 every morning i wake up to his little kid alarm
clock that goes.. dink dinka dink dinka dink dinka
dink.... in the tune of... If all the rain drops were
lemon drops and gum drops...and that is from Barney the you can just imagine what im going thru here.

Erika decided that she wanted to wake me up this morning
to go to work with her... So i did. Chilled at the
resturaunt with her for a while. Did a few things there
for her while she worked... And I got paid... $40.00, for
workin my ass off. Yeah i think I make more at the Y. lol.

Now we are just chillin, waiting for Chris to get home
then we are going to the resturaunt for a party... Its
Mike's birthday. Thats chris's brother. Yeah so it will be
a good time. A little time away from the house.

I got shit loads of e mails today... I got one from Kim,
saying how much she missed me and wants me to come
home...and I got one from Stacey, saying how she was going
to dinner with her cuz.. And that she was going to buy the
Texas Chainsaw i better not watch it... OOOh
its gonna be soo good. I cant wait.

I guess I should tell my sister tonight that i have a
ticket home. and that its for the 14th...

alright im out!!

later Kids..

more Arkansas adventures later.