Red Mini Punch

I'm a Lone Ranger
2004-04-01 22:31:24 (UTC)

Irn Bru = Hyperness!

Arghhh, I just accidently delted my entry sumhow. Who
thought leanng on a couple of buttons could do so much
harm!! Anyway, 2day has been a good day. Wnet on
shopping spree in TK max, got a few clothes including this
ace strappy top, its red and white nad its a comic!! SUPA
cool! Anyway, next week at Wales, me and MArk are gonna
break every rule. We were all sent a sheet titled code of
conduct. And some of it is real obvious stuff, like we
had expected anyway. Like of course no drink or smoking.
So im puttin a tiny, minscule amount of alcohol in irn bru
and mark is taking a fag (or so he says, id unno if he was
serious). It say also not to exaggerate any child
abuse,so if anyone touches us, even a tap on the sholder
we r shouting rape. Might sound a bti sick but oh well.
Also, Mark says he doesn't love tasia anymore. Came as
bit of a shock, it thot they were like that (dus the ace
finger-interlocking sign). Hmm what else to report on??
Had Chemistry tutor, was pretty good learnt quite a lot.
oh, the teacher that went missing from our schoola botu a
week ago, has been found dead. I wanted to cry kinda, i
felt pretty upset. I hardly knew him, only had him a few
times, but he was young, u know? U really dont expect it
to happen so close to home. I remember himw alking down
the corridor,a nd when u looked at him, u never once think
Oh ur gonna be found washed up on shore in abotu a month.
I know that sounds obvious, but oh well. It's so unfair
tho, when people have their lives taken at such a young
age and so unexpectantly! This aint done much for my
faith, i prayed that theywould find the teacher alive. I
lived in hope that he would return, and no. Anwyay, ive
ran out of thigns to say, surprisingl. Apart form I HATE
HARD RICE! u knwo when its like a bit old and its gone
rock solid. had it for my tea and tesco, was well
annoyed. Chilli con carne was good tho!
cya xxx

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