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2004-04-01 22:22:55 (UTC)

3-17 Plane to Dar es Salaam, Letter to Matt

Hey baby. *Huge sigh* I miss you so much! Sorr to call
you so early this morning. When we got into Amsterdam it was
actually 11:35. So after settling down and using the rest
room it was 12. So I decided I could still call you. I knew
that you probably went to Hilltop. Well, we were told to
stay in groups of 3. . . so I had to wait for other
people. . . and of course they want to "tour". Ya know, go
into every shop and take lots of weird pictures. Yeah, so
finally as we walked by our resting area I broke of b/c
there was a pay phone right there. Initially I had rejected
Jane's offer to borrow her Euros b/c the green phones only
took them. But then I found out none take American change.
So desperately I asked Jane if I could borrow them. I
forcefully gave her a dollar in exchange.
Well as you heard, Nate walked by. . .jsut as you
said "I love you" Grrrr. He goes "Oh, that's so cute!" Of
course I was gone when he called Ellen. So I asked if he
said "I love you" HE mouthed "Of course" So I did a little
spaz, "Oh how cute!" (He said the way I spazzed was cute)
So we're even.
Oh! Tell Kyle I'm so sorry for waking him up. I was
hoping you guys would be up. I mean you always leave for
Hilltop @ 10:50. So I figured you'd get home at 12 ish, but
not go to bed soon after that! Sorry.
Yeah. . . so planes? Not so bad. Actually it's quite
boring because both flights I'm in the middle and so I can
barely see otu the windows. We are also pretty seperated in
this flight. So I have no one to speak w/ either.
I've been good about keeping my mind off of you.
(writing changes to pen) Ok pen writes so much smoother.
But first scribble and it's back to pencil.
So yeah. With the long, boring flights. . . yo're allt
that's on my mind. THere were only a few times I thought of
you aht the actual airports. I think I know exactly what I
want to get you. . I think. Ha! I know what I'm getting
myself! So Holly always gets me shot glasses when she goes
places. . .so I found a shot glass w/ a marijuana leaf on
it! Hahaha. Or I'll just get myself a keychain. . .w/a
marijuana leaf on it.
You . . .you're tougher. . 'speacialy w/ a b-day comin'
up. Hmmmmm. . . I'll figure out somethin'. We were over
Germany for a little bit. I thought of you, of course.
I love you so much.
Heheheheh. SO I tried to look out the window to see
Germany. . . but no luck. HEh, I keep spacing out during
the writing process, here. I keep thinkin' of you and how
great it'll be to see yo in a couple of weeks. So I called
you at 2 AM March 18th & it was 8:00 AM March 18th
here. . .ugh. . . I dunno.
So I keep skipping around. The plane. . . It was
actually quite fun. Landing wasn't bad either.
Mmmmm. I don't have much more to say right now. I do
love pulling out your pictures. Ah! I miss you so much. I
didin't get to write you that e-mail. So I can't do much
for you, but for me I'll write it.
I miss you so much. I miss your face. Your cute blond
hair, your amazing blue eyes. Oh your eyes. I really love
looking into yours. They're so adorable. I also miss your
boice, heh, maybe that's why I just had to call you this
morning. Oh, man stupid on flight movies! That makes me
miss you.
Oh man! THat was hard core! So I just watched School of
Rock. Holy Cwap! It was rockin! Jack Black is freakin'
wesome! That's it I've been inspired to begin drum lessons
ASAP! I'm not even kidding. NK as Kate was puttin it
earlier. Damn!
Well we're at 11300 altitude and like 4 hours away from
Dar as Salaam.
Oh I wish I could call you when we get in there. But I
own't have any time between getting off the plane and
gettin on the bus. Well, I guess I'll let you rest form
reading my rambling. . . right after this.
I miss yo so much! I'm doing well, which is a good thing
b/c if I miss you too badly now, I won't have a good time.
But I am having a great time. . . well except these stupid
damn plane rides. Boring. Man European humor is weird. Like
this guy just did an entire skit w/ his knee?! O.K. . .
whatever. . . queer. Hahahaha.
I miss you though. I really want to kiss you. I need you
to hold me. Your arms wrapped atound me. Falling asleep in
those comforting arms. I probably won't write you mch more
later, but htis plane ride is gettin' on my flippin' nerves.
I know I've said this but gosh your eyes. I miss them so
much. I miss being able to stare into them and know that
you think I'm beautiful.
Uh-oh I'm crabby. I'm gonna go.
I (heart) you Ah hell I Love You Baby!

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