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2004-04-01 20:43:42 (UTC)

Stuff I guess.

What is going on and stuff? Damn, I think I write that
down in every new diary I write, oh well. Too bad! But um
yeah. Lets see, whats today's topic? How about.....people
changing. Some change for the better and some change for
the worse. Most of the time, they change because well it
just happens, others make them change. Its natural but some
people don't like of what the person has become, sometimes
they just have to live with it. I, myself have changed as
well. Sad. The ones who change should watch out of how they
act and react towards the ones around them. Ok, Im bored of
this topic. Unto other stuff! Life is going ok I guess. My
parents keep saying that I spend a little too much time out
of the house. I don't get them, at first they're like "Your
always inside, you should go out", shit like that. Now, its
vice-versa. Who gets parents? But yeah life is ok and if I
didn't have the one person who I Love by my side, I don't
know where I would be....Laura. My mom too but sometimes
she doesn't understand me most of the time. Aww, thats sad.
But I Love my girl, she means the world to me. Aww....how
sick! Just joking! Anyways, things at work are so cool. The
people there are hilarious. Theres these two who are always
on my ass too, but not in a bad way. So the environment
there is pleasant. Um, what else to write? I don't know, ok
well I'll write on this later. Bye!


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