The Starry Sky
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2004-04-01 15:17:32 (UTC)

My MoSt eMbArRaSsInG dAy!!!

Dear Diary,
this is one of my most embarrassing day.I needed 2 go n read
(yan jiang) in front of my own class.My heart beated very
fast like 500 beats per second (juz joking).When my chinese
teacher called my name,my hands trembled.I rather talk in
front of the school rather than my own class.Funny,isn't it?
I read out the passage 2 my class.My classmates said that I
was too soft n some can't understand.I felt disappointed.

At home,I listened 2 Jolin,BoA n S.H.E songs.That comforted
mi.My family members also comforted mi.Today's diary is a
bit short,rite?*Yawns*I gotta sleep!Gd nite!

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