2004-04-01 12:46:14 (UTC)

Tidying Up

I did the usual, regular housework today followed by
cleaning out my sewing room in anticipation of sewing burial
gowns and bonnets tomorrow and began knitting another one.
I also organized all of my scrapbook materials so that it'll
be easier for me to find what I need when I go back to that,
perhaps Friday. I have ideas for dozens more tags and I
really want to start on them soon.

I added the list of books I read in March to my yearly list
and want to plan menus through at least Sunday (including
deciding what I want to bake and when). And I have dozens
more quilt tops to photograph and add to my web page and I
want to make a new album with photos of heirloom knitting
projects I've made over the past 20 years.

The weather is supposed to become warmer each day until we
have temperatures in the 70s by the week-end. Of course,
this is what the weather reports say now. Whether or not it
holds is another thing entirely.