2004-04-01 10:59:16 (UTC)

happy april's fool!!!

today is suppose to fool ppl ga ma and happy!!!
however that "small air" simon ar, he totally spoiled the
fun. our class are suppose to do a few tricks on the
teachers.(those are really sth minor, just for a gag).
1. we did it on mrs cheung. we greeted her in chin.(i
think that's quite mo liu :P)
2. ms shum. it failed. she knew sth is up, so she's alert.
3. finally, "small air" simon chan. he, stupid idot, must
have been tricked by some class and must quite serious.
when he came into the room, he scanned around. then he
ordered ppl to clean the blackboard.(we have written
things all over the blackboard and hid away the chalks and
the eraser (forgot the term)) nobody paid notice to wat he
said(as usual), and he got mad. he order: WHO ARE GOING TO
CLEAN THE BLACKBOARD!!!! so ppl cleaned the board and
return the chalks.
the small air guy really had spoil all the fun, and the
previous class he had should go to hell!!!!
so, after he had shouted at us, everybody was angry at
him.hehe we didn't really listen to wat he said and just
do our own things. just a few ppl or maybe no ppl listen
to him. then he sensed that we all got angry, so he tried
to say sth(but it's stupid and mo liu), and still nobody
listen to him :)ha. and there goes our maths lesson and
my dear, carmen's head has been pushed around by MRS LUI.
poor carmen. after this incident, mrs lui's impression to
me is....(same level to chanel)
4e is a very democratic class. they voted to see if they
should fool teachers.
mr lui is absent today. 2 free lessons. and mr lam sub.
(cute cute and fat teacher)
Censure(SEN sher)(v.)
- disrespect
- -ve word charge
- to find fault with and condemn as wrong; blame
eg you censure when you sense that someone sure is guilty