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2004-04-01 04:13:39 (UTC)

sleep and people i will miss when i graduate

i used to think that sleep was overrated a long time ago,
when i stayed up until 2:00AM talking over instant
messenger, and went to my 7:30 speech class.... who
needed sleep?? there wasn't enough time in the day!
yeah... well, nowadays i am beginning to see things
differently. i will notice that after a generally normal
week of 6-8 hours of sleep/nite, a good 9 hour nite will
give me an exceedingly large amount of energy (what a
boost!!) and i'm ready for another normal week. yes,
sleep is the way that our body is able to restore
itself... and no sleep is not good cuz ur body needs to be
happy too, and very well rested!!

sleep is often underrated in my opinion... i notice that i
have a better attitude, performance, and i just plain look
better when i am well-rested...

so it is the last day in March... meaning that i have only
like 1 month and a half............ and i am gone 4-
ever!!! how to make the best out of this??? i am missing
everyone already, and i'm not even gone yet :*(

just the beginning of a list of the people i will miss:
(don't feel bad if i haven't included u yet)

my housemates!!!
missy, carla, jessie, and jaime :(

my LCO girlies!!!
(too many to list.. but especially my little, g-
little and great g-little)

my LCO seniors!!

my sciency classmates!!! (go DNA!!!)

all the track people :(
especially the girlies... natalie, belinda, shay,
zimo, al, eliza, jen, amy, krista, heather, jaime,
michelle... i mean the list goes on

the guys at townhouse 6B.... especially one in
particular :*( who better come visit me from time to
time down in good ol' athens!

all the crusade people!!!!!
(i'd name u all if there weren't so many ;))

my first friends i made living froshie year in thomas hall
(susan erica rebecca emily rochelle and the other
fabulous buddies i made ;) )

my little bro -----even though he is stuck w/ me forever ;)

my sis (even though she doesn't go to muskingum anymore...
lol she knows)

hmmm.... even my professors are bringing a tear to my eye
tonite.... i guess i better stop thinking about
graduation and just chill out, what more can i do but make
full use of the time the i have!!! (when i'm not sleeping)

have a good nite to all,
if u r gonna miss me back then send me a message (ok i'm
fishing here what can i say??!!)

so goodnite sweetheart, sleep tight, whereever u are
urs truly,

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