DiNaH says...
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2004-04-01 04:02:57 (UTC)

new life in April

thirteen days and it’s my birthday. honestly speaking, i
still don’t feel 24.
although, things have actually changed a bit. i am not that
bitter anymore. i realized love will come the moment it
should. i mean, i’m always like this, mumbling about the
unfairness and frustration of not being attached, but at
the end realizing that i shouldn’t really be too bothered
about being unattached. of course, i have to admit that the
guy i was eyeing for a while, is now on the dead list. so,
bye-bye, you stupidly coward dick!
i’m facing a new life full of hopes and dreams, and also
praying that ‘this someone’ i met in the early years of my
existence, will contact me again and somehow build the
friendhip we weren’t able to attain when we were younger.