How would you ever guess.
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2004-04-01 02:39:26 (UTC)

What a day

So today consisted of, a whole lotta nothing in the
morning, then My sister came and got me and her and I ran
some errands together (that is our best bonding time) we
just talk about everything. After we ran a shit load of
errands we got Ethan from school because he had to go to
the doctor and get his allergy shot, in which he does
every Wed. So he had to show me off to everyone at school,
and everyone at the doctors office I felt so damn special.

Then we came home and we all had some chill time, then the
demon child got home...yeah Evan is a wild child. So we
all kinda chilled then We decided that we were going to go
to the park, so Ethan took his BIG WHEEL ( those things
ROCK!!) and Erika, Chris, Evan, and I all walked to the
park, saw the ducks then went to the playground. We saw
some ghetto kids there, yeah they were def. black and
ghetto. They were like 9, 7, and 4 and all at the park by
them selves.... damn what is wrong with parents these
days?? We went on the spinny thing... the thing you run
and push...and the people sit and i dont know
what its called. But i thought i was going to puke by the
time i got off of it.... they just thought that was sooo

then when we got back to the house i had to play
basketball, and 2 board games with Evan..."because i dont
spend enough time with him". yeah he wont be sayin that in
a month. He will hate me. lol..

I talked to Stacey tonight. I miss her. She told me all
about how people at home are still gay, Im not sure that
will ever change though. So we tlaked for a while about
all kinds of stuff.... Her birthday was the other day...
she is the big 2 0 now.... woo hoo!!

only 14 more days till i get home. Yee haw baby!!! yeah

thats what i like..

And Ms. Kim if you read this, please do learn from my
relationships...Dont EVER date anyone like Josh!!! lol No
but seriously, i do know how you feel on the whole "oh im
better and smiling on the outside, yet dieing on the
inside". I know how much you want him back. Just give it
time girl. There are millions of other men out there that
want you, and you know that im always here for you if you
ever need me. Day or night... im here.... well actually
right now you can only reach me by phone, but when i get
home.. ill be there for you, because your always there for

So Erika told me we can go to a more ghetto store than the
one we went to the other day... I cant wait.. FEILD
TRIP!!! to the ghetto!!

Interesting yet annoying fact about the south....
Churches, they are everywhere. They have these HUGE
churches just chillin. Im not sure there are enough people
to even go to the churches they are so big, and theres
like a million of them.

Honestly how do people have kids. I dont even have them
and im about to shoot myself in the eye... They are
seriously up my ass all the time. ALL THE F**KIN time!
God Bless em... but for me... no kids ever!