Fishnet Goddess

Rainbows, Ice-a-ma-cream, and Lemonade
2004-04-01 02:21:11 (UTC)

The Good, The Bad, and The Neutral

Well, I totally had lots of fun at karaeoke last
night. I
sang Hole in My Soul by Aerosmith, Far Behind by
Candlebox, and Precious Things by Tori. I kinda screwed up
Hole in My Soul, but I fucking ROCKED Precious Things. I
felt redeemed. This guy Tim (it was his first night there
last night) said I made him a fan of Tori (I had been
trying to tell him how incredible she was earlier). My
rendition made him want to check her out! YAY! And all the
compliments I got last night really made me feel good. The
best was that I 'did Tori justice'. That's like the
fucking Queen of all compliments to me. I had a pink
lemonade martini while I was there, and it made going up
on stage SO much easier! I'm glad I discovered that. My
legs don't shake if I have alchol in my tummy :o)
The Perfect Circle concert got postponed to next
Tuesday. That sucks! Not just because it's not in a few
days anymore, but also because I'll have to miss
karaeoke... however, Nate wouldn't have been going that
night anyway, because him and Nick are also going to the
PC show... so I guess that's okay.
Today Foo (rabbit) had a litter, and ignored them to
death (literally). Ryan and I tried to hand feed the 2
that we found alive. One looked really healthy actually,
but the other was all cut up and bruised from Foo fucking
stepping on it and probably also trying to eat it. We
think she tried to eat one of the other ones legs...
that's so messed up... But what can I say, our rabbits are
all genetically fucked and mildly retarded, really, so I
don't think any of them would know better. It was really
sad. I really had hope that the healthier of the 2 would
make it, at least through today, but no more than 10
minutes after feeding it, it just died. It died while we
were feeding the other one, who I really didn't think
would make it. His legs, one arm, and one side of his face
were all black and purple- I don't know if it was just bad
circulation, or bruises from Foo. But it doesn't matter
now. He started dying right in my hands while I was
feeding him. Ryan took him away so I wouldn't have to
watch him die. It was really fucking depressing.
Okay, enough of that- talk to you later...