mY sToRy
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2004-04-01 02:15:35 (UTC)

gOt HiM bAk(pOeM)...

ThIs Is WrItTeN fOr My FrIeNd CoWiE, ShE dIdNt KnO iT wAs
GoNna B fOr HeR aNd AbOuT hEr BuT iT iS!! sHe ToLd Me To
WrITe A lUv PoEm ThAt StArTeD oFf BaD bUt ThEn TuRnEd
GoOd! tHeY aReNt GoInG oUt YeT, bUt In ThE FUTURE.. ThEy
WiLl Be sO i ThOuGhT iMmEdIaTlY oF hEr AnD jOhN aNd
i GoT hIm BaK

I still love him
He is the one I still care for
He is the one
That I truly do adore

Nothing could replace him
Nothing could take him away
Nothing could ever stop me
From thinking about him everyday

I cried my heart out
I asked for advice
For I wanted to have him
More than twice

I told him how I felt
I told him everyday
I wasn’t going to let
This special guy get away

I wrote him notes
To help him see
I tried my hardest
To make him love me

I wasnt going to give up
I wasnt going to give in
I wasnt going to change my heart
And what i felt deep within

Then one day
It finally got through
That I wasn’t going to stop loving him
No matter what he would do

He finally realized
That I loved him more
Than anyone
That I had liked before

So he asked me out
We got back together
And now I hope
That we will be forever

I can finally hold his hand
I can finally hold him tight
I can finally hear his heart
And know that everything is alright

I’m so happy
That he is once again mine
He is the star in my life
He makes my life shine

So I hope now
That this will be forever
So we can be
Happily Together

^^aNd A HaPPy EvEr AfTeR!!!:-D

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