a girl in a world of loneliness

the one no one knows about
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2004-04-01 01:02:34 (UTC)


today was a good...no great day...this guy david that i
like has been flirting with me since monday of this
week...it's been great...after school i went to go hang
out with him and my friends...i hugged my friend andy who
likes me...then i went over to where josh and david
were...i hugged them said hi and looked over to where
ashley was then when i looked back...david was sitting on
the ground and raised a hand out to me...i sat in his lap
and for about 30 minutes i sat there very content in his
arms...hoping that'd he kiss me but all he did was hold me
which i want more of...he would have his lips on my neck
and when he said something it felt as though he was going
to kiss me...i really wanted him to...but he didn't and
then when he left...i had to keep from smiling to much
because andy was looking at me...but oh my god...i just
wish david would kiss me already...

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