Baby Doll

'Tha Blonde Goddess'
2004-04-01 00:19:30 (UTC)

poem: problems

hey ppl...i wrote this on 10/20/03. i just found it
cleaning my room. soo here goes.


everyone has problems
how each person handles them is different
some people talk to friends
some people write in a diary or journal
some people punch walls or punching bags
some people keep them all inside
some people cry them out
but others think there is no other way
other then taking a joint
or taking a drink (alcohol)
or cut themselves
or slit their wrists
they think it is the only way out
and that noone will care
but what they dont realize
is that people do care
those people may not say it often
or even say it at all
but in their heart of hearts
they know that they care
so talk to that friend
or write in that diary or journal
or punch that punching bag
or cry it out
but for all the people that do care about you
please dont keep it all in
please dont take that joint
please dont get drunk
please dont cut yourself
and please dont slit your wrists
because if you do....
those people who care about you
will never have the chance to tell you.