mY sToRy
2004-03-31 21:48:13 (UTC)

jUsTiN b....

Ok I dO nOt GeT yOu! YoU aReNt JuSt CaUsInG tRoUbLe
BeTwEeN tHoSe tWo GiRls Ur CaUsInG tRoUbLe WiTh ThEiR
fRiEnDs ToO. I aM tHeIr BeSt FrIeNd AnD tHeY tElL mE
eVeRyTHiNg! YeS eVeN tHE tHiNgS u tElL tHeM! aNd It HuRtS
iNSiDe To SeE wHat U ArE dOiN aNd WhAt U hAv DonE tO ThEm!
yOU hAv BrOkEn ThEiR hEaRtS, mIsLeAd ThEm, lIeD tO TheIr
FaCe, AnD mAdE tHeM uNfAiThFuL, aNd UnTrUsTiNg! WhIcH iS
sOmE oF tHe wOrSt ThInGs ThAt YoU cOuLd HaV dOnE tO My
BeSt FrIeNdS! tHeY TrUsTeD yOu THeY pUt ThEiR fAItH OuT,
tHEy OpEnEd ThEiR hEarTs, JuSt For YoU, aNd ThEn U gOt
iNsIdE tHeIr HeArTs AnD mEssEd EvErYtHiNg Up FoR tHeM! yOu
ToOk AlMoSt EvErYtHinG tHEy HaD aWaY fRoM ThEm! THeY dO
NoT kNo WhO tO BeLIeVe! nEitHeR dO I!U tElL cOwIe HoW mUcH
u LoV hEr AnD hOw YoU dOnt LIkE kElsE, aNd ThEn U gO rIgHT
aT tHe SaMe TiMeS tO kElSe AnD SaY HoW mUcH U mIsS hEr AnD
loVe HeR, WaNt HeR bAk, AnD dONt LiKe CoWiE! WhAt Is Ur
PrObLeM, Do U wAnT tWo GiRlS, tHeM nOt To Be MaD AT yOu,
ThEm To BeLiEvE yOu, BacKuPs?? WeLl To TeL U tHE tRuTh Ur
AbOuT tO gEt ZeRo GiRlS, bOtH tO bE mAd At YoU, ThEm NEvEr
To BElIeVe yOu, AnD nO bAcKuPs!! dOeSnT sOuNd To GoOd HuH?
wElL uNlEsS u Fix ThInGs Up RiGhT hErE, rIgHt NOW, tHeN u
GoT sOmE sErIoUs PrOBlEmS! hOpE u GeT eVeRyThInG
sTrAiGhTeNEd OuT! bEcUs U aReNT meSInG wItH mY gIrLs EvEr
AGAiN aNd NoThInG iS gOnnA hApPeN tO ThEm WhEn iM hErE! So
I dUnO wHaT tO tElL yA! lAtUr!

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