2004-03-31 21:28:21 (UTC)

Corvallis and Choir

This morning I went to Corvallis to buy Owen's textbooks.
He came with me so we could get the student discount. Quite
a few of them were used textbooks but the total still came
to almost $200. I took him out to lunch before heading home

I really had to work at choir practice this evening because
I was the only soprano there. Our choir is very small--two
basses, two tenors and two sopranos so if someone isn't
there it really makes a difference. I couldn't hide behind
Karen's voice tonight so I had to concentrate. We'll need
to be at the Shedd church at 9 a.m. to practice this Sunday
for their service at 9:30 a.m. Then it's on to Halsey where
we'll repeat our performance.