My boring, sad, and messed up life
2004-03-31 19:58:40 (UTC)

an embarrasing day

today was totally not my day. i fell in gym playin floor
hockey and the funny thing is that there was no 1 around
me and my hockey stick flew. wat a loser am i?

then in biology there was the words partially biped (bi-
ped) and i asked mrs cohan wat partially bipped was.
every1 including cohan was cracking up at me. jason had to
take off his glasses cuz he was crying. then corey called
me a dumbass all period after that.

then today i found out that danni likes corey (supposedly)
even tho she has a boyfriend which pisses me off. o well
its not like i had a chance neway. my life sux. lol. i
have no friend

How many times am i on jasons stup-o-meter??

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