Charles Deason

My Blue Sky
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2004-03-31 18:30:25 (UTC)

Its been too long...

Yeah, hey its me again. Our computer crashed and had
too many viruses over 3 months ago. My brother bought a new
one though. This one is way cooler, it has everything
including 9.0 which is pretty rad! It still freezes though,
man I got pissed at it yesterday!! lol My girlfriend is
doing ok. I' really proud of her for putting up with me
being gone for three months and all!
Anyways, I'm finally getting my life back together.
I'm spending my money a little more responsibly now. My
father is applying for jobs at some different places. I'm
really starting to look up to him. He's improved so much in
one year, and I'm proud of him. I'm still going to begin on
cleaning the house soon. No one else will... :(
Robert still hasn't paid me off and JC is still not
skinny yet. lol And I've decided to pester robert about
money everytime I see him from now on until he pays off his
debt to me. And I wish he'd hurry up too. I'm buying a
darksteel boosterbox in magic soon. It'll be cool. Well I
best get going. later