How would you ever guess.
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2004-03-31 16:35:50 (UTC)

can we say crazy??

So yesterday i did a whole lot of nothin.... I sat at home
while my sister went to work at the resturaunt, and
watched some tv and did some other shiat. Then she asked
me to work with her at the resturaunt for a while helping
out with a private party. well now i go from front desk
girl to waitress of the freakin year.

Now let me remind you that in Arkansas I cant serve
alcohol, yet im working at a yeah okay. So all i
can serve is soda and water. Now there are like 60 people
in this damn place and im running around getting drinks
for people. I was sweating my ass off. then it got kinda
quiet... but there was no method of how we were suppose to
do anything... so erika and I are running around doing
everything... she took all the alcohol and i took
everything else... damn I shoud quit my job at the Y when
i get home and do that instead.

It was a crazy night...
Then i woke up in the middle of the night and i was very
dizzy.... and still kinda am.... I walked into a wall this
morning when i got out of yeah it was fun.

Oh and by the way....who didnt get paid for last night....
Fuck yeah.

Im out, have to take a BATH!

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