Ramblings of a Mom
2004-03-31 13:23:10 (UTC)

Can't stay long

Today is a kinda rushed diary entry, the little one is not
quite feeling well and he is not sleeping very much right
Want to say some things about the side effects of the
medicine that my son is taking for his ADD/ADHD. Since he
has been taking it, we noticed a lot of trouble with his
emotions at first. He would cry at the drop of a hat and
would also argue with you until the end of time about
little things! It also seemed that his short-term memory
was effected as well. He would not be able to tell you
that he had taken his medicine or had even gone to lunch
that day. Then, we have this whole violence thing now. He
almost daily gets written up at school about talking about
guns, shooting, death, etc. We don't know where he is
getting it from. Yes, we have guns here at the house, in
plain view, but very safely locked up and there is not a
single bullet in the house. We have not even talked to
Tyler about the guns and safety and such yet. This leads
me to talk about the conversations that he and I had over
the weekend. Before the medicine, he talked about all of
the friends he had. Now he claims to only have two and
that supposedly these two friends (and I guess others) have
told him that he has 'dirty, yucky clothes' and that they
don't want to come to his house to play or spend the night
because he has a dirty house. Now, his clothes are ALWAYS
clean and the kids have never been to our house, so is this
just another side effect of the medication? The other
recent development is that he seems to lie now. Before, he
was honest to a fault. He would tell you about things that
he knew would get him in trouble, but he would tell you
anyway. Like the time he went to visit his Dad and hit his
step-sister with a belt. His Dad did not say a word about
it, but Tyler came home and openly told us what had
happened. Now he won't fess up, even when he is caught!
Yesterday he was bowling his orange at lunch instead of
eating (yet another side effect, loss of appetite) and when
his teacher confronted him about it, he denied it!
Oh well, the crying has stopped, now it just seems to be
new stuff to work through. Gonna have to run, baby's
fussing again. Until tomorrow!

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