Day Dreams and Reality
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2004-03-31 02:52:46 (UTC)

whats in a girlfriend

Its March 30 and i am April Foster,

Not much has happened latly. i went out to eat with
Holly and Anna yeasterday and we stoped by meijer to look
at the cloths and guess who was there......yep Adam and
with who you ask HIS GIRL Reachel..yea if you cant tell
her and I dont get along. Well i called Adam cause me and
him and alisha we goin to go out on thursday, yea well he
cant make it anymore, i think because of her (and he had
to let me go cause she was in the shower and if she knew
we were talkin he would get his ass kicked, and trust me
shes a big girl she could kick his ass to. And hes a big
boy not fat but bilt and shes just fat)).
Anyways this mornin me and holly went running up at
the school and it was goin to be just me and her. When
she picked me up she told me that hey b/f Joel was goin to
be there i was kinda mad. The whole time we ran they were
like all over each other. then her and I went to town and
he showed up there then her and I went back to her house
and then he came over AAAAAHHHHH!!! WHAT AM I GOIN TO
Well i have to go to sleep cause i am goin to run
tomorrow and i have blood tests tomorrow too for the like
the 2nd time in a week :(.....well i will keep ya posted