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2004-03-31 02:06:43 (UTC)

Yay Tuesday!

Laura dropped out of our English class together :o(
Now I have to do our project on anchoresses all alone.
Dammit. I have to speak in front of the class for at least
10-15 minutes! Ugh! But I'll be okay. I really need to get
used to public speaking if I'm going to be a teacher. And
since presenting a research project actually IS teaching,
it will be good practice. I just took the midterm in that
class yesterday, and it went way better than I'd been
expecting! I'm stoked. I can't believe I was actually
considering dropping all my classes- but I only dropped my
math class and my logic class. I didn't even NEED the
logic class, I just thought I did, so I am so glad to be
out of it. And I just can't handle math right now. My life
has been so insane lately. I also did good on my Drugs &
Alcohol test- 92% :o)
This weekend Ryan and I are going to Perfect Circle,
with Mars Volta opening. I'm so excited! It'll be lots of
fun. Okay, that's all for now, that was actually quite an
entry... see ya!