confessions of a never ceasing mind
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2004-03-31 01:58:53 (UTC)

Have you ever

Have you ever felt as though your world is about to be
turned upside down, torn apart, shaken? Have you ever felt
like the world as you know it is about to be laid low, the
mountains falling and the valleys filled? Have you ever
felt this way......and wanted it to happen? Wanted to see
what could be, instead of what was, what could happen
instead of what is?

Have you ever lay awake at night, staring at the ceiling,
wanting something but you cannot define it? Have you ever
lay down and felt the tears of regret and pain of emptiness
fill you with despair? Have you ever wished things had
gone differently, that you were not alone in a large and
very empty home? Have you ever had a wistful thought of
what if?

Have you ever felt your heart pound faster as a voice
speaks in your ear so close, yet so very far away? Have
you ever felt impatient because the days seem to pass by so
slowly, and you are about to go mad wanting to know,
wanting to see and taste and feel? Have you ever had
thoughs of one filling your head, blocking out unpleasant
thoughts and memories but were afraid to tell them how you

Have you ever wanted something so badly you could almost
reach out to pluck it from the stars? A hope that is born
of them, your hope, your star, your wish, your greatest
desire. And like the star, it feels unreachable
unnatainable.....distant to you. Have you ever?

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