Marco Jacksonovic

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2004-03-30 23:16:44 (UTC)

Is Yesterdie, Tomorrie Today?

This is NOT a rant.
This is NOT a rant.

The 1980s are back in fashion. Do I like this? I don't
know. There's a lot of 80s stuff I like. Back To The
Future, Beverly Hills Cop, Rio & The Reflex by Duran
Duran, The Rubik's Cube, all sorts.

But now, led by - it seems - Girls Aloud (of whom I
thoroughly approve by the way - 5 girls, 80s get-
up, 'good' honest pop songs), the 80s are back. Its wierd.
To see people walking round Huddersfield in black and
white leggings is odd enough, but then the make-up people
are wearing, and indeed thinking back, the music that is
playing...its all a bit odd.

Am I just, like, a step too old? I've always been 'old'
for my age, always remembered. I remember the 80s quite
well....I've seen a lot, read a lot, heard a lot from them.

So? No problem. Just tonight's the first night I've really

WILT? Michael Jackson...sorry, JT's Rock Your Body.