How would you ever guess.
2004-03-30 16:00:20 (UTC)


So i got a text from Heath last night that said Hi, I miss
you... how could you not love that?? He also sent me one
that said he was going to take me out on a date when i
get back. I cant wait. Im so anxous to get home. It sucks
here. Its so boring and no matter how much work i do...i
apparently have a sign that says Hi I work for free.

Yeah I now Bus tables, clean chairs and paint them, watch
stuff on e bay to make sure it sells for my sister. Im a
babysitter and a freakin maid... all of which i dont get
paid for.

And plus i miss my bed like you would not believe. Its so
hot down here. I wake up every morning in a pile of sweat.
Its nasty.

Oh i just got a phone call... " hey Manda its Mike... can
you come in and work tonight, we have a big private party
that we need to you serve" yeah sure ill be your bitch and
work for free.


I have cramps in my legs, they do not feel good at all.
and on top of that, i have the worst sun burn, in sun burn
history. Only on the front of my body. I look like a fag.
And my tits have never hurt more! its sucks.. Arkansas
sucks man.

So i wonder how Kimmy's mom is. Poor Aunty Lynn Lynn, she
just wants to get better and that just doesnt seem like
its happening.

Im listening to The Dixie Chicks...yeah baby.

Well i suppose i should go get dressed or something.

Later dudes!!