2004-03-30 09:59:34 (UTC)


the first time i went to italy, the first time i left the
country, i was struck by 2 things : Saint Peters Basilica,
and the David.

Struck isnt even the word, not even close.

I knew nothing really about art. did not go to museums, or
think about it really. But these two things silenced me,
filled me with emotion. i couldnt talk about it.

3 years later, the same two monuments had an even greater
impact. I was not even a practicing christian, and St
Peters proufoudly shook me to my core. It was on that trip
I had some kind of religious experience and decided to get

I just finished reading the agony and the ecstasy, by
irving stone, which is a kind of historical fiction about

I've been living with this book for quite some time now. I
got sucked in, and it has taken me everywhere with him,
with this man i am fasinated by, who has made me cry
countless tears, made me feel connected to all the universe
in ways i cant really say. in ways nothing else could even
touch. taking place in a country i love, that sings my
soul. During a time period where humanity began to be
prasied, where art flourished.

He said, that the destructive forces that haunted him, were
never strong enough to overpower his creativity. I wish
with everything in me that this will be true for me as

I didnt know the extent to which he was involved in the
structure of St Peters, but he designed it all. He had a
passion for it. From its moment of conception. It was his

And there are countless things wrong with the Church, even
more so back then, but thats where all his commissions came
from, who he was a slave to, yet he retained his
spirituality, and the church is corrupt, we call know that,
but spirituality is not. and the church gives us beautiful
stories, that it loves to show through art/ Michelanglo
fused these stories into human stories. the same stories we
still live, all of us, everyday.

I hope his soul is at peace somewhere. I hope that when you
die, you are somehow able to know that 500 years later, you
are touching the inner regions of people still, of this
twenty three year old girl here, from some place called