Visions Of Life
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2001-10-09 09:47:38 (UTC)

*laughs* I Just Cant Get Over That Damn Womb In A Box...

God Damn!! Im obsessed with a mythical invention.. Its just
so morbidly brilliant! And notice how Im not sharing the
details and whats so brilliant about it,..

I told my mom she is gonna come home one day and find me
growing an army of artificial womb children.. hehe..

Me with a kid... scary scary scary.. Ill either have a tree
huggin hippy chick named Autumn who reads peoples auras and
does candle magic or a Gothic Freak Baby with body
piercings and blue hair.. Hmmm.. Ill call him.. Xavier..

(Note: I Do Not Condon Body Piercing On Infants And Small
Children.. Wait Till They are 10, Then Get Them A Tongue

Do They Make Baby Clothes In Black Or Will I Need To Start
Up A Morbid Baby Line Of Clothing?

Ooh.. That could be fun.. too bad I will never have
children./. ah well.. ill use Tyler as a model.. hehe

Next Weeks Headline: Crazy Woman Shot To Death By Enraged
Parents After Dying Her Brothers Hair Maroon And Attempting
To Pierce His Nipples..

*laughs* Oh Lord.. Save Me Now..