Thoughts of His girl
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2004-03-30 06:33:19 (UTC)

Aarons Accident

Aaron stepped on a nail this afternoon. (sighs) I gotta
pick up the wood fromthis fucking deck tomorrow. It went
through his tennis shoe itno his foot, His tetnis is upto
date tojust cleaned it and wrapped it. He had a rough
night thought. I would keep him out of school tomorrow but
hes missed 9 weeks bc of the staf infection and its only
half day this week .

I talked to leah today. she and never have never really
had a heart to heart before today. I miss Master so much
she said he was supposed to get his stuff today. I hope I
see him soon. I hate this. I know its unavoidable but ...
doesnt mean it hurts any less.

leah seemed to think Master might have issues with my web
site. ( sighs ) rather the poetry pages on it for Cobra
and Prestons stuff. I hope not. Will deal with that if and
when it becomes an issue.

Its been along night, im exhaused physically and
emotionally so I am off to bed early. I have an apt at 9
am .

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