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2004-03-30 03:28:50 (UTC)

They're so Sweet! :0)

My goodness. We were playing dnd on saturday and it was not
a good situation I left at. I was all sticky, spiders were
crawling over me and I had to just teleport on out. Didn't
get that much action. So wasn't as fun as I would have
hoped for.

I walked home at 2 a.m. kinda let my imagination run while
walking by the cemetery. After I was passed that part some
chick screamed as if she was getting brutally gutted
straight at me from a window of a car. I reacted very
scarred. It really freaked me out. I was wearing a skirt so
I was kinda hoping no saturday night drunk freaks would
rape. (This is what I get for listening to my mothers

Sunday I go to work after sleeping about 3and a half hours.
I was fine but I really wanted to do something afterwards.
Dwight calls me up asks if I'm up for a continuation of
dnd. I'm very down for that.

I go, we play. Turns out Level is safe, along with Match
after being sucked in to the undead layer of the abyss. The
rest of us end up fighting 3 children of loth and lose. We
are brought back by gods straight to clestia and we
basically get a favor from the gods. So I'm gonna be a
dragon, that's my favor, and Kili refused, Sparrow not with
us, he will be phantom recon now, and Seryn shall be more
like Gandolf i.e. half celestial. We shall be powerful Mo

Anyway, the sweet thing is that they all walked me home. We
were talking swell, it was very nice, just very sweet. I
felt loved. Five guys escorting me home as I told them the
story of how I got freaked out last night dnd style.