2004-03-30 02:58:35 (UTC)

[9:48 PM]: umm i dont know if..

[9:48 PM]: umm i dont know if shes lying to you or not
[9:48 PM]: i would think so though. because. nothing she
has said adds up.

LaDiDaGrl [9:48 PM]: yeah. maybe we dont understand cus
shes an aquarius?

[9:48 PM]: haha
[9:48 PM]: or shes just

LaDiDaGrl [9:49 PM]: id rather she be really fucking dumb
than lying to me.

[9:49 PM]: yeah.
[9:49 PM]: true.

LaDiDaGrl [9:50 PM]: her horoscopes have been saying shes
going through thoughts that are difficult for her cus shes
not usually emotional and shes reaching a breakthrough.

[9:50 PM]: ha.
[9:50 PM]: well.
[9:50 PM]: thats some optimism for you.

LaDiDaGrl [9:50 PM]: yeah.
LaDiDaGrl [9:50 PM]: its a crock of shit, whatever.
LaDiDaGrl [9:50 PM]: did you listen to the songs

[9:51 PM]: i listen to one of them.

LaDiDaGrl [9:51 PM]: um how bout you listen to the other

[9:51 PM]: okay

LaDiDaGrl [9:52 PM]: she will figure it out soon, i
think. i'll get her back.

[9:52 PM]: im sure you will babe.
LaDiDaGrl [9:52 PM]: really? or youre just saying that

[9:52 PM]: no. i have faith in you baby.

hm. maybe i will. maybe i will because i want it bad
enough and then things will be perfect and we can play
doria roberts all day and be happy cus we deserve it.

or not.