aNd sO i WrItE
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2004-03-30 02:52:44 (UTC)

*sighs* .....

Today... well it wasnt bad... but .. i know some day of
the week problly tomorrow will be bad bc i knwo imma have
to go to tha office for some bullshit.... damn i dunno...
i just.. blah i dunno today i had sooooo much work n i
been tryin to keep going but i been falling but i keep
getitn up n tryin again... i dunno ... but im so tired n
worn out righ tnow n todfay... i dunno i didnt even talk
to anyone... i wore mah sweats n a big shirt mah sneakers
n i had mah hair in a tight ass bunn pulled baq i had mah
knife n i took out mah hoops... just in case i get in a
fight... well more along the lines of get my ass whooped
bc im not allowed to fight... i just wanna be
prepared...anyway thas wha i have to go to tha office for
i think... but oh well...anyway today i guess it wasnt as
bad.. im just really tired right now.. i just need a back
rubb bc im so tense n sore n tired right now.. i want some
one to sing me a song n sing me to sleep... n be there
when i wake up... i dunno... *sighs* anyway...mah head
hurts right now... n i dunno. I got that new usher Cd...
yo its bangin... tha Cd is off tha chain... oh well tho...
well i finsihed Mrs.Haywood Prooject... n Mr. Barkan
Project.... n I finished Mrs. Gantt project... n I have to
study for this other test... but oh well *sighs* im
just... honestly... worn out... n anyway... my head is
killin me!! OMG... yo... oh man n babycakes is worried
about skoo he stressed out n im worried aobut him i hope
he can do this homeskoo thing.. it helps a lot... bc u
knwo wha chu doin n its soo easy n u feel smart n u can do
alot... like get a J. O . B. n rest n if u like music u
can get into tha music biz while u doin this its hott...
but it fucked my credits up bc my mom kept pullin me out n
puttin me baq in skoo she aint knwo wha she wanted for
me... *ha* kinda fucked up... anyway... i dunno anyway...
next year imma be a junior... n damn ... i cant wait till
August imma finally start driving legally.. nah mean?!? n
i dunno tho .. bc my pops is talkin about me goin up there
n i wanna go its better for me.. but i dunno... imma have
to leave behind alot of things...but imma get to try n
start over which is good for me... it is.. n then i can
finally be wit mah babycakes... :-/ .... anyway... damn...
i dunno they talkin about for spring break we gone go up
there to vists n my mom wants to look for a job up there
but i dunno my cousin told me we can ask her dad but i
dunno .. imma go crazy wit them kidz!!!... but i love
them... anyway... man mah eyes r killin me right now i
guess i gotta take my hair down i dunno but i gtg ill
write later....
God Bless
On3 1uv


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