Too Much to Say
2004-03-30 02:15:54 (UTC)


don't ask me why we call it crowing. i think it
started with our secret spy call, "ca caw! ca caw!" (yeah,
we were spies too, but that's another long story.) we've
started this battle with ernie--and whoever else gets in
our way. (and by we, i mean sarita, jon, and i.) it's
total insanity, i tell you! so the object of the game is
basically to put as much shit on the other person's car as
possible...without getting caught. and let me tell you,
ernie is a hard person to play against. he bars none.
he'd probably stay up all night if he had to, guarding his
so, anyways, we had planned on giving ernie just a
little warning friday night, but i was tired so i just went
to bed and told them to call me. wellllll, at 3:45 AM i
here my phone ringing, and sarita and jon banging on my
window!!! i was so freaking tired i hardly knew what was
going on. but they dragged me along anyways. so we get
his car, he retaliates the same morning and goes all out on
jon's car.
the next night during the recital marathon-
intermission we go after his car, but ernie quickly catches
on and dashes after us in michael's car. it was shear
madness!!! jon and sarita jump out of the car and start
tagging ernie's car, i have one foot on the brake, one
hovering over the gas ready to take off any minute, then
ernie comes running down the street screaming at us, his
car alarm goes off and he attacks!!! so jon and sarita
jump back in the car, ernie's trying to get in and i speed
off nearly breaking ernie in half. THEN over the course of
the next 15 minutes (i swear that's all it was) ernie gets
jon's car again, my apartment, finds sarita's hidden car,
tags her car, and gets back to the music school to tag
mine! he's good. the game is out of control. sarita
brilliantly said, "someone's either going to end up in
jail...or dead. and then the game will be over."
hahahaha. she's so right. it's getting pretty dangerous.
anyways, that was my weekend. very exciting.